Things You Must Know before Using Manufacturing ERP Systems

People often make a mistake when they try to find manufacturing erp systems for their company. They choose MRP systems rather than the correct one, the ERP systems. Actually, those two are actually similar. But, if we take a look more, they are totally different. So, the first thing you need to do here is finding out their differences.

What is the Difference between MRP and ERP?

MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning system is used to managing all process in the manufacturing phase. Basically, you use this system to manage the material until it turns into a real product you can sell. And, that is the only capability that MRP can give to you.

On the other hand, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system covers more function than what MRP can give to you. In fact, MRP is one of the modules you can find in the ERP system. With this system, you can manage your financing and transaction, as well as the manufacturing system and environment. The result is your manufacturing environment will be optimized. 

The Best Manufacturing ERP System

Now, after you know the difference between MRP and ERP system, you need to choose one that you need. Below, we have several recommendations that you can try or use as a reference to choose the product that you like, on your own.


One of the best things you can get from Epicor is its modifiability. The standard version has all the features that you need for all of your managing needs. You can use it to manage your supply chain and production system. 

The best of all, Epicor also provide many types of modules you can purchase and add. With this feature, you can modify the Epicor and turn it into the best manufacturing ERP system. And, the most important thing, with this freedom, you can easily integrate it to your company system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This is one of the popular products you can find on the market. However, for manufacturing purpose, maybe you need to add the ISV application along with it. Microsoft Dynamics is easy to combine. So this combination will give birth to a useful tool for your company.


This software uses the Salesforce platform as the base to build all its functionality. And among many software you can find, this one can be considered the best choice for manufacturing purpose. It has the ability for managing the inventory, providing shop floor control, capacity scheduling and many more.

The best of all, you also can get the solution and module that use the Salesforce platform base, and integrate it with Rootstock. That way, this software will be able to work much better than before.

The manufacturing process is very important. This process affects the product you will sell to your customer. Therefore, if you can use one of those manufacturing erp systems, you can avoid many problems in the manufacturing process. So, you can produce a best-quality product that can satisfy your customer and increase the profit your company received.
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