The Most Important Features in ERP Accounting Software which Increase Your Business Income

ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning software is considered as a solution for developing a business better than before. It works by integrating applications and any infrastructure in your business. In this case, you can use ERP accounting software because it has a variety of valuable features. The features help you to manage your business finance well. As a result, you can detect the condition of your business whether you have a good business or not. Let’s talk about the features below. 

Instant Report 

The most important thing to see when you want to know the condition of your business is the finance report. By having a good financial report, you can detect the condition of the business right away. Furthermore, you can make the right decision based on the data and report. Managing finance report is a complicated task and to make it simpler,

ERP accounting software is supported by an instant report feature. This feature helps to give an accurate and fast finance report automatically. By using this software you can get the report anytime you want and it makes your job will be more effective. You just need to see the data from the report and take the right decision based on the data. 

Sales Management 

Another important factor to see whether you have a profitable business or not is by seeing the sales. That’s why you must have a well-managed sales report. The hard task is when you have a lot of sales a day and you still manage the data manually. Sales management feature from ERP accounting software makes it simple. This feature helps to track orders from storage until the delivery process. You will be always informed by notifications to make sure that the sale is under control. By having good sales management, you can increase the level of customer satisfaction and it means you can earn more income from it.   


Purchasing is also a complicated matter you need to handle. This is strongly related to the expense you have to spend to buy anything to support your business including supply. Most business owners who are using ERP software is not getting confused anymore with purchasing activity and report. This is because the software has a purchase feature. This feature helps to manage the purchasing process to suppliers and also the bills. The data will be managed well and the feature prevents some common issues such as double work while entering the bills.


The importance of having healthy finance is to make sure that you can also have a healthy production in your business. If you know the finance condition, you can calculate the items you need to produce as well as anything to do dealing with the production process. Production feature has an important role to manage your business plan, track, control, and execute based on the financial condition. The idea is how to balance the supply and demand along with a good finance and production planning process.

The point is that ERP software has complete features. The features are designed to help business activity runs well along with a good management system. Everything will be managed automatically by the ERP accounting software so you can focus on how to develop the business and earn more income.
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