The Best ERP Software on the Market and the Reviews

Many people look for the best ERP software to be implemented in their business. Indeed, the financial and accounting aspects in the business are such a critical component in every organization especially when it has reached the level of the company. In this article, we are going to make a list of ERP software available offered on the market along with its pros and cons.

#1 Oracle NetSuite OneWorld
This software is on top of the list of best ERP software on the market. You may like this product because it provides solid relationship management for the customers through its feature. There is a feature named the broad enterprise resource planning that would be suitable for any type of business and companies. It has an excellent capability for drill down even from several views of the system. The reporting is very simple and you can customize the workflows. The dashboard is easy to navigate as well.

However, the help system is a bit confusing and you may find it a bit difficult when it comes to managing the configuration for a specific role. There are a bunch of features and it is kind of complex thought. Still, this software is worth for any type of business considering anything is stored in the cloud which supports the mobility and remote navigations

#2 Acumatica

The next one on the list is Acumatica and this is an on-premise deployment. There are various methods you can utilize to take care of business as well as the payment method. It could work on many databases even the most complex ones with a solid reporting. This software will be suitable for growing companies due to its pricing that is not based on the users. The apps that are based on the browser would make this software mobile enough, not to mention the ease of navigating the application.

However, you will not be able to estimate the cost of licensing your software that easy. You may also need to customize the report filters before use. You will also need to rely on the add-ons from the third party in some cases. The pricing structure is considered unusual as well. Long story short, Acumatica provides an intuitive design with enterprise scalability along with flexible pricing.

#3 Syspro

Syspro is the next software name on the list. You need to consider this software because it offers an excellent ability for retail, warehousing, distribution, and production businesses. It also is equipped with a patented technology called Point of Sale and Demand engines. The software provides a comprehensive service with an intuitive design so anyone can use it easily. There are wide arrays of available modules you can purchase for further use.

However, there are no human resources and payroll modules. For some people, it may appear a bit overwhelming especially for smaller companies. Still, this software is one of the strongest contenders of ERP for any type of business. The ease of use is one of many things that make this software on the list of the best ERP software.
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