How to Choose Best ERP Software for 3 Different Companies Sizes

Choosing the best erp software isn’t an easy matter. You need to prepare and consider many things. ERP software will become the core of your business managing system. So, if you make a mistake, you won’t only waste a huge amount of money. But, it also can cause the downfall of your business. So, here, we will explain to you what you need to do, so you will get the best ERP software. Below, you can find how you can find the best ERP system based on your company scale.

The Enterprise Class Companies 

As the biggest business scale, there are many data you need to manage. Moreover, the data and process will become very complicated, which isn’t allowed for any small mistake. Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is the features of the software. Make sure that the software covers all aspects that you need to control using it. 

Moreover, when you run a big scale company, you will have lesser time to upgrade the software. So, make sure you find the software that can be used for a long time with minimum upgrade needs. Or, if you need to upgrade, it has a special service that can help you to do that easily. The best choice for big scale companies is SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The Medium-sized Companies

The data management as well as the system in this business scale isn’t as complex and complicated as the enterprise-class companies. So, you can become a little bit lenient to how the ERP software can cover the aspects and data it needs to handle. However, it doesn’t mean that you ignore the needs of goods and useful features in it. Make sure it still has complete features for all of your managing purposes.

It would be better if you choose the ERP software that you can modify by adding new add-on or modules. This way, whenever you need improvement, you can do it easily. Moreover, you can save more money by using this method. The best choice for this business scale is NetSuite, Sage 300 and Infor.

The Small-sized Companies

Now, if you run a small-sized company or you just start it, there is one thing that you can do in order to get the best ERP software. Choose price over features. It sounds ridiculous, but this is the best option you can take. Your company still needs the budget to grow. And, with less-complicated data and system in it, the cheap software is enough for you.

Of course, you also need to upgrade it, in order to provide the service for your business that keeps growing bigger. The best choice is Workday, WORK[ETC], and SYSPRO. Or, you also can use open-source software.

As you can see, the method to choose the best erp software and things you need to consider are different. In short, it depends on the complexity of the data you need to manage. More complicated your data is, you will need better software. That means you need to spend more, which won’t be a problem for enterprises type companies. Now, you are ready to find the best ERP software.
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