3 Tips for Choosing ERP Software Packages for Your Company

The application of advanced technology in today’s company has become a necessity. This is also the reason why many companies are trying to find the best erp software packages. It could be really difficult if you don’t know what you should look for when you try to find the ERP software. But, here, we have some tips for you about how to choose an ERP software package for your company.

Using Industry Jargon
The most important thing to do first understands the industry jargon. Many ERP software company classified its product using these jargons. For example, they create ERP software for engineer-to-order. Or, there is a product that is specially made for lean and batch manufacturing. 

If you don’t understand all the jargons, you will have a hard time to choose the software. Moreover, there is also a risk that you will choose the wrong product. So, make sure you know about this matter.

Find What Kind of Software You Are Going To Get

You can’t choose the ERP software by looking at how it will work on your company system. Instead, choose and find the product by using its ability. Or, in the simplest word, find what the product can do for you. If you only match the product type with what your company needs, it will only lead to the minimum if not no development at all in your company system. That will be quite troublesome for your company’s future.

By looking at what the software can do, it means you also adapt. Remember, technology growth and business pace are really at the highest speed these days. If you keep using your old, comfortable, and favorite system, guaranteed, you will fall behind your competitor. So, choose the software that can make a change, a better one, for your company. That’s the most important key.

Don’t Get Tempted Easily

When the vendor of the ERP software makes a demo presentation, mostly, they will exaggerate their performance. In the worst case, it will turn into a “beauty contest”. You only see it as an awesome product without understanding what it can really do for you. If they don’t understand how to use it, they won’t be able to show the best performance of that software.

In order to prevent the presentation turn into that predicament, you need to ask the vendor to send their best team. The best or main team understands how the software works. So, they can present and demonstrate it to you without a problem. Moreover, you also need to see the type of software they are presenting. Make sure that the software is suitable for what you want to install in your company.


Using those three tips, you can, at least, see the right software that your company needs. Choosing the right product will give you many benefits, from the more effective system you can get to cut down the cost you need to spend for the ERP software. The last thing you need to do is finding the trusted vendor that provides the best erp software packages that your company need. 
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