3 Best Alternative Choices in the List of ERP Systems

Try to find a list of erp systems and among many of them, there are 3 big ERP providers that always enter the top part of the list. They are the product from SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Placed on the top of the list doesn’t make them become your best choice. The most important thing here is finding the ERP system in the list that matches your company’s need. Here are some of them and maybe you will find what you need.

NetSuite ERP

It is designed to be able to adapt to your company change. If you start to use it when you just run your business, you can still use it when your company grows bigger. Moreover, in this system, there are all features that you can use for many purposes. You can use this software for managing your inventory, billing, assets, financial and many more.

NetSuite ERP has several useful features. For example, the supply chain visibility feature allows you to create an efficient system for managing your supply chain. So, the procurement and payment process can be managed in one place.

Sage Intacct

If you are looking for an ERP system for managing your company financial, Sage Intacct is the best choice. Inside, you can find feature for cash management, vendor management, accounting, create a financial report and many others. If you previously use accounting tools, you won’t have a problem to use this ERP software. The dashboard and interface are designed to be easy to use.

There are three main features you can count on from Sage Intacct. First of all, the built-in and customizable reporting tool. It helps you to create the most comfortable working area in this software. The security and user limits feature is another great thing you can find in this software. It has the best protection against virus, attack, and makes sure everything work as it should be.

Then, this is maybe the most important features of Sage Intacct. It is the core accounting feature. This feature will give you many tools for financial managing purpose.  It will help you to deal with your company accounting needs.


This ERP system is specially made for distribution and manufacturing purpose. Consist of many useful modules; you can simplify all the process. So, you don’t need to deal with the repetitive tasks anymore that only wasting your time. Moreover, with the BOT agents in it, you also can easily managing the cost of your manufacturing and distributing process.

Now, do you find the software that matches your company’s need? Those three only are few of many systems you can find out there. And, just like you can read on their explanation, each of them has different features and functionality. 

So, match it with what you need for your company. And, if you can combine it with the best team that operates the ERP system, you will get the best result. Who knows, maybe one of the products in the list of erp systems will become the trigger of your company succeed in the future. 
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