How to Choose Best ERP Software for 3 Different Companies Sizes

Choosing the best erp software isn’t an easy matter. You need to prepare and consider many things. ERP software will become the core of your business managing system. So, if you make a mistake, you won’t only waste a huge amount of money. But, it also can cause the downfall of your business. So, here, we will explain to you what you need to do, so you will get the best ERP software. Below, you can find how you can find the best ERP system based on your company scale.

The Enterprise Class Companies 

As the biggest business scale, there are many data you need to manage. Moreover, the data and process will become very complicated, which isn’t allowed for any small mistake. Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is the features of the software. Make sure that the software covers all aspects that you need to control using it. 

Moreover, when you run a big scale company, you will have lesser time to upgrade the software. So, make sure you find the software that can be used for a long time with minimum upgrade needs. Or, if you need to upgrade, it has a special service that can help you to do that easily. The best choice for big scale companies is SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The Medium-sized Companies

The data management as well as the system in this business scale isn’t as complex and complicated as the enterprise-class companies. So, you can become a little bit lenient to how the ERP software can cover the aspects and data it needs to handle. However, it doesn’t mean that you ignore the needs of goods and useful features in it. Make sure it still has complete features for all of your managing purposes.

It would be better if you choose the ERP software that you can modify by adding new add-on or modules. This way, whenever you need improvement, you can do it easily. Moreover, you can save more money by using this method. The best choice for this business scale is NetSuite, Sage 300 and Infor.

The Small-sized Companies

Now, if you run a small-sized company or you just start it, there is one thing that you can do in order to get the best ERP software. Choose price over features. It sounds ridiculous, but this is the best option you can take. Your company still needs the budget to grow. And, with less-complicated data and system in it, the cheap software is enough for you.

Of course, you also need to upgrade it, in order to provide the service for your business that keeps growing bigger. The best choice is Workday, WORK[ETC], and SYSPRO. Or, you also can use open-source software.

As you can see, the method to choose the best erp software and things you need to consider are different. In short, it depends on the complexity of the data you need to manage. More complicated your data is, you will need better software. That means you need to spend more, which won’t be a problem for enterprises type companies. Now, you are ready to find the best ERP software.

4 Important Preparations before Purchasing ERP Business Systems

Are you planning to use erp business systems in your company? That was a good decision. Using an ERP system will give your business a great boost. It will increase your business effectiveness and efficiency. In shorts, it will make it become a successful business. However, before you execute that plan and purchase your company the best ERP system, you must know these several important things.

The ERP Software Standard Is Not Enough

When you browse and search for the best ERP business system, you can find many of those products offer a different type of features. It seems amazing. But, those features, mostly, are the standard features of the ERP system. Therefore, in order to give a real impact on your company, you can’t rely on this standard feature. Just prepare some budget to buy an extra module or additional features, to make that ERP software work much better for your business.

Choosing the Main Team

Yes, you heard it right. Before you purchase the system, it would be better, if you create the main team that will operate that software. Let them choose the ERP system for your company. Of course, if you choose the team members that have ability, skill, and knowledge about ERP and managing process, they will be able to choose the best product for your business. Moreover, they will be ready to operate it as soon as you install the product.

Finding Out Your Business System First

Most of the problem that the business owner faces when they use the ERP system for the first time is it doesn’t match their business system. Therefore, the ERP system can’t work well. Or, in the worst case, it doesn’t work at all. 

Before you purchase the ERP software, you must know what your business system really is and how it works. Make documentation of it and it will become your business system blueprint. Using this data, you can easily choose the best and correct ERP system. Or, if you purchase the customizable product, this data also help you to find out what you need to change or add in that ERP software.

Step by Step

Do not buy the whole ERP system for your business at once. It would be better if you do it slowly and in several phases. For example, you let your employee access some of your business old systems. And, ask them about the fault or disadvantages of that system. Then, you can use their opinion to find an ERP system that can fix that problem. Then, do it again, until you won’t find any problem within your system.

Basically, how well the erp business systems work is determined by how you prepare it. In short, all the planning you make before system implementation hold an important role in its performance. This is the reason why all the preparation we explained above needs to be done. Just remember this is the system for your business. If you don’t prepare it carefully, it can cause a huge problem for your company.

Things You Must Know before Using Manufacturing ERP Systems

People often make a mistake when they try to find manufacturing erp systems for their company. They choose MRP systems rather than the correct one, the ERP systems. Actually, those two are actually similar. But, if we take a look more, they are totally different. So, the first thing you need to do here is finding out their differences.

What is the Difference between MRP and ERP?

MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning system is used to managing all process in the manufacturing phase. Basically, you use this system to manage the material until it turns into a real product you can sell. And, that is the only capability that MRP can give to you.

On the other hand, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system covers more function than what MRP can give to you. In fact, MRP is one of the modules you can find in the ERP system. With this system, you can manage your financing and transaction, as well as the manufacturing system and environment. The result is your manufacturing environment will be optimized. 

The Best Manufacturing ERP System

Now, after you know the difference between MRP and ERP system, you need to choose one that you need. Below, we have several recommendations that you can try or use as a reference to choose the product that you like, on your own.


One of the best things you can get from Epicor is its modifiability. The standard version has all the features that you need for all of your managing needs. You can use it to manage your supply chain and production system. 

The best of all, Epicor also provide many types of modules you can purchase and add. With this feature, you can modify the Epicor and turn it into the best manufacturing ERP system. And, the most important thing, with this freedom, you can easily integrate it to your company system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This is one of the popular products you can find on the market. However, for manufacturing purpose, maybe you need to add the ISV application along with it. Microsoft Dynamics is easy to combine. So this combination will give birth to a useful tool for your company.


This software uses the Salesforce platform as the base to build all its functionality. And among many software you can find, this one can be considered the best choice for manufacturing purpose. It has the ability for managing the inventory, providing shop floor control, capacity scheduling and many more.

The best of all, you also can get the solution and module that use the Salesforce platform base, and integrate it with Rootstock. That way, this software will be able to work much better than before.

The manufacturing process is very important. This process affects the product you will sell to your customer. Therefore, if you can use one of those manufacturing erp systems, you can avoid many problems in the manufacturing process. So, you can produce a best-quality product that can satisfy your customer and increase the profit your company received.

3 Best Alternative Choices in the List of ERP Systems

Try to find a list of erp systems and among many of them, there are 3 big ERP providers that always enter the top part of the list. They are the product from SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Placed on the top of the list doesn’t make them become your best choice. The most important thing here is finding the ERP system in the list that matches your company’s need. Here are some of them and maybe you will find what you need.

NetSuite ERP

It is designed to be able to adapt to your company change. If you start to use it when you just run your business, you can still use it when your company grows bigger. Moreover, in this system, there are all features that you can use for many purposes. You can use this software for managing your inventory, billing, assets, financial and many more.

NetSuite ERP has several useful features. For example, the supply chain visibility feature allows you to create an efficient system for managing your supply chain. So, the procurement and payment process can be managed in one place.

Sage Intacct

If you are looking for an ERP system for managing your company financial, Sage Intacct is the best choice. Inside, you can find feature for cash management, vendor management, accounting, create a financial report and many others. If you previously use accounting tools, you won’t have a problem to use this ERP software. The dashboard and interface are designed to be easy to use.

There are three main features you can count on from Sage Intacct. First of all, the built-in and customizable reporting tool. It helps you to create the most comfortable working area in this software. The security and user limits feature is another great thing you can find in this software. It has the best protection against virus, attack, and makes sure everything work as it should be.

Then, this is maybe the most important features of Sage Intacct. It is the core accounting feature. This feature will give you many tools for financial managing purpose.  It will help you to deal with your company accounting needs.


This ERP system is specially made for distribution and manufacturing purpose. Consist of many useful modules; you can simplify all the process. So, you don’t need to deal with the repetitive tasks anymore that only wasting your time. Moreover, with the BOT agents in it, you also can easily managing the cost of your manufacturing and distributing process.

Now, do you find the software that matches your company’s need? Those three only are few of many systems you can find out there. And, just like you can read on their explanation, each of them has different features and functionality. 

So, match it with what you need for your company. And, if you can combine it with the best team that operates the ERP system, you will get the best result. Who knows, maybe one of the products in the list of erp systems will become the trigger of your company succeed in the future. 

The Right Time to Replace Your Old Business Software with Microsoft ERP Software

You might think to change your old business software or system with a new one such as Microsoft ERP software. The problem is that you don’t really sure whether it is the right time to change the system with a new one or not. While thinking about it, try to understand the things below. The detail is about to help you to decide whether you have to replace the old software or not. 

The Way the System Helps Your Business 

The reason for using a system or software is to help your business process. For that reason, you have to see whether your system helps your business process or not. This is including supporting the growth of the business such as when you are adding more staffs, clients, and business processes.

If it is not, it means this is the right time to change the old system with a new one. You may replace it with Microsoft ERP software because it accommodates your needs. The system and features in the software are able to help you to grow the business. As a result, you can still maintain and manage the business such as the data and report effectively.

The Integration of the System 

The old business software often works independently. It means, each of the business departments has its own software and it is unintegrated. Actually, this is the reason why your business activity looks so slow and complicated. You have to manage and maintain the data and report one by one. The case will be different if you take Microsoft ERP software. 

The software is designed with the latest technology in which it can connect all departments. For example, the sales department is able to connect with the finance department or production department. At the same time, you can monitor their activity. You can also see the latest data and report right away anytime you want to know it. The idea is that Microsoft wants to help to create an effective business activity. 

The Cost You Need to Spend 

Try to calculate the cost you have to spend to install and maintain the old business software. Surprisingly, the cost is expensive and the worse part is that you can’t use the software to support business activity maximally. If it is so, you need to think about replacing the software with a new one such as replacing it with Microsoft ERP software. The cost you have to spend is reasonable with the benefits you get after using the software. Microsoft wants to serve software which offers great performance and at an affordable price. In the end, you can get benefits from the software more than you are expected. 

The three important things above help you to decide whether you have to replace the old software or not. If you have to replace the software, just make sure that you get the best one which performs better than the old one. You can choose Microsoft ERP software due to its performance, high-tech system, and cost. When you get the most suitable software, you can run and develop your business well and earn more income from it.     

The Most Important Features in ERP Accounting Software which Increase Your Business Income

ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning software is considered as a solution for developing a business better than before. It works by integrating applications and any infrastructure in your business. In this case, you can use ERP accounting software because it has a variety of valuable features. The features help you to manage your business finance well. As a result, you can detect the condition of your business whether you have a good business or not. Let’s talk about the features below. 

Instant Report 

The most important thing to see when you want to know the condition of your business is the finance report. By having a good financial report, you can detect the condition of the business right away. Furthermore, you can make the right decision based on the data and report. Managing finance report is a complicated task and to make it simpler,

ERP accounting software is supported by an instant report feature. This feature helps to give an accurate and fast finance report automatically. By using this software you can get the report anytime you want and it makes your job will be more effective. You just need to see the data from the report and take the right decision based on the data. 

Sales Management 

Another important factor to see whether you have a profitable business or not is by seeing the sales. That’s why you must have a well-managed sales report. The hard task is when you have a lot of sales a day and you still manage the data manually. Sales management feature from ERP accounting software makes it simple. This feature helps to track orders from storage until the delivery process. You will be always informed by notifications to make sure that the sale is under control. By having good sales management, you can increase the level of customer satisfaction and it means you can earn more income from it.   


Purchasing is also a complicated matter you need to handle. This is strongly related to the expense you have to spend to buy anything to support your business including supply. Most business owners who are using ERP software is not getting confused anymore with purchasing activity and report. This is because the software has a purchase feature. This feature helps to manage the purchasing process to suppliers and also the bills. The data will be managed well and the feature prevents some common issues such as double work while entering the bills.


The importance of having healthy finance is to make sure that you can also have a healthy production in your business. If you know the finance condition, you can calculate the items you need to produce as well as anything to do dealing with the production process. Production feature has an important role to manage your business plan, track, control, and execute based on the financial condition. The idea is how to balance the supply and demand along with a good finance and production planning process.

The point is that ERP software has complete features. The features are designed to help business activity runs well along with a good management system. Everything will be managed automatically by the ERP accounting software so you can focus on how to develop the business and earn more income.

3 Main Syteline ERP Software Main Features

Is your company planning to use syteline erp software for its management system? It is important and necessary to use this kind of software. Your company will have a more effective and better management system. And, the Syteline ERP software from Infor is one of the best products you can find out there. Here are many problems in your company that this software can solve for you.

Information Access and Management
Accessing and navigating through a lot of information your company has is indeed difficult. However, ERP software can help you to simplify that process. Infor’s product has the ability to provide the easiest and fastest way to find any information that you want. This product has unique customizable search features that you can adjust to match your company’s needs.

This feature isn’t only helping you to find information faster. However, it also can search for information that is difficult to access. For example, if you want to find the information that was kept in different server or system, it will be hard without Syteline ERP software. But, this software can do that for you easily.

Data Flows Solution

Maintaining the data flow help every part of your company acquire important information that supports their activity. It can prevent any problem to occur. But, the most important thing is the real-time streamline flow from this feature. It means that your company can easily get real-time data about the market condition. When you find something changes on the market, your company can react and adapt much faster.

Syteline ERP software helps you to create the flow easily. Moreover, it integrates with all the systems in your company. So, the connection will be created in the short amount possible of time. This way the system will work uniformly. And, it will improve your company performance, which, of course, leads you to the better result in the end.

Compatible with All Environments

Infor Syteline ERP software is designed with one main feature. It is flexibility. The main purpose of this software is you don’t need to change it. Just install and use it in your system. With this flexibility, you can save a lot of time as well as cost you need to spend to use the ERP software.

However, we never said that you don’t need to modify it. Its flexibility means that you also have the freedom to modify it. That will help you to create ERP software that can really provide the best performance for your company system. Basically, you can use it as it is. Or, modify it a little and make it more suitable for your company.


In short, syteline erp software is one of the best options you can take for your company’s ERP system. It has many features. It’s simple and easy to use. It also can save you more money for maintaining it. Basically, everything that you need can be found in this software. If you use it correctly, it will give you a lot of benefits. 

3 Tips for Choosing ERP Software Packages for Your Company

The application of advanced technology in today’s company has become a necessity. This is also the reason why many companies are trying to find the best erp software packages. It could be really difficult if you don’t know what you should look for when you try to find the ERP software. But, here, we have some tips for you about how to choose an ERP software package for your company.

Using Industry Jargon
The most important thing to do first understands the industry jargon. Many ERP software company classified its product using these jargons. For example, they create ERP software for engineer-to-order. Or, there is a product that is specially made for lean and batch manufacturing. 

If you don’t understand all the jargons, you will have a hard time to choose the software. Moreover, there is also a risk that you will choose the wrong product. So, make sure you know about this matter.

Find What Kind of Software You Are Going To Get

You can’t choose the ERP software by looking at how it will work on your company system. Instead, choose and find the product by using its ability. Or, in the simplest word, find what the product can do for you. If you only match the product type with what your company needs, it will only lead to the minimum if not no development at all in your company system. That will be quite troublesome for your company’s future.

By looking at what the software can do, it means you also adapt. Remember, technology growth and business pace are really at the highest speed these days. If you keep using your old, comfortable, and favorite system, guaranteed, you will fall behind your competitor. So, choose the software that can make a change, a better one, for your company. That’s the most important key.

Don’t Get Tempted Easily

When the vendor of the ERP software makes a demo presentation, mostly, they will exaggerate their performance. In the worst case, it will turn into a “beauty contest”. You only see it as an awesome product without understanding what it can really do for you. If they don’t understand how to use it, they won’t be able to show the best performance of that software.

In order to prevent the presentation turn into that predicament, you need to ask the vendor to send their best team. The best or main team understands how the software works. So, they can present and demonstrate it to you without a problem. Moreover, you also need to see the type of software they are presenting. Make sure that the software is suitable for what you want to install in your company.


Using those three tips, you can, at least, see the right software that your company needs. Choosing the right product will give you many benefits, from the more effective system you can get to cut down the cost you need to spend for the ERP software. The last thing you need to do is finding the trusted vendor that provides the best erp software packages that your company need. 

The Best ERP Software on the Market and the Reviews

Many people look for the best ERP software to be implemented in their business. Indeed, the financial and accounting aspects in the business are such a critical component in every organization especially when it has reached the level of the company. In this article, we are going to make a list of ERP software available offered on the market along with its pros and cons.

#1 Oracle NetSuite OneWorld
This software is on top of the list of best ERP software on the market. You may like this product because it provides solid relationship management for the customers through its feature. There is a feature named the broad enterprise resource planning that would be suitable for any type of business and companies. It has an excellent capability for drill down even from several views of the system. The reporting is very simple and you can customize the workflows. The dashboard is easy to navigate as well.

However, the help system is a bit confusing and you may find it a bit difficult when it comes to managing the configuration for a specific role. There are a bunch of features and it is kind of complex thought. Still, this software is worth for any type of business considering anything is stored in the cloud which supports the mobility and remote navigations

#2 Acumatica

The next one on the list is Acumatica and this is an on-premise deployment. There are various methods you can utilize to take care of business as well as the payment method. It could work on many databases even the most complex ones with a solid reporting. This software will be suitable for growing companies due to its pricing that is not based on the users. The apps that are based on the browser would make this software mobile enough, not to mention the ease of navigating the application.

However, you will not be able to estimate the cost of licensing your software that easy. You may also need to customize the report filters before use. You will also need to rely on the add-ons from the third party in some cases. The pricing structure is considered unusual as well. Long story short, Acumatica provides an intuitive design with enterprise scalability along with flexible pricing.

#3 Syspro

Syspro is the next software name on the list. You need to consider this software because it offers an excellent ability for retail, warehousing, distribution, and production businesses. It also is equipped with a patented technology called Point of Sale and Demand engines. The software provides a comprehensive service with an intuitive design so anyone can use it easily. There are wide arrays of available modules you can purchase for further use.

However, there are no human resources and payroll modules. For some people, it may appear a bit overwhelming especially for smaller companies. Still, this software is one of the strongest contenders of ERP for any type of business. The ease of use is one of many things that make this software on the list of the best ERP software.

How to Pick the Best ERP Business Systems for Small to Medium Businesses

ERP business systems are not strangers in the business world. It becomes an important solution for business when it comes to managing inventory, order processing, and also production. The software will also supervise the resources use and allocation from the database management system. 

There are various functions provided by the ERP business systems. The most common functions may include planning for production and purchase, manufacturing and delivering, CRM, supply chain management, payment, shipping, and inventory management. Implementing the ERP software to your management system will store the information and other data to one location so it will be easier to develop as well.

The popular ERP software for small business

Lately, there are several popular options to implement ERP systems. The first most popular option is SaaS or Software as a Service. This type of ERP system is cost-effective yet easier to apply other than other options. The system is operated through a browser and it will eliminate the need for IT employees to maintain and supervise the equipment as well as the service.

Mobile app option is also one of the trends occurred lately. It develops the mobile interface so the user will get the real-time view of the business development. On the other hand, they can access it remotely even from their mobile devices and smartphones.

Another popular trend is social media integration. There are many ERP providers that include the social media application in their program. The internal application is built in order to improve the interaction between employees along with integration between the social media platforms and the ERP solutions.

How to choose the right ERP software

In order to improve their overall performance, many small companies start to implement ERP software. Back then, the ERP software was only purchased by large companies due to how costly it was. Nowadays, the options are getting more varied and small businesses can enjoy the service as well. There are several important factors you need to consider beforehand.

It should be cost-effective considering there might be several options of subscription plans offered along with maintenance cost and others. The system must be integrated with the third party apps you have used for supporting your business in the first place. Other than that, you will make your business expands and it will affect the service you need to from the ERP. You need a system that can cope with the changing working environment.

Also, the ERP software should be pretty flexible and able to be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. It might be much better if it supports mobile capability, considering the digital world gets more challenging from time to time. It is important because users need to access the information anywhere they are.

Other than that, the usability aspect is very important. It will require a little training before a user can master the software. Make sure that the software you have chosen will not cause an additional unnecessary expenditure to your business. And this is anything you need to know about the ERP business system.